We are sorry that this will be another “online only” version of BVM thanks to the difficult times we are living through. While the newsletter may not be in print, it is still in need of news so please do share with us anything you feel may be of interest. We have loved watching and sharing your videos of the Thursday evening claps for our NHS heroes, for example, on our Facebook page. Also, as suggested last month, if you have a neighbour who doesn’t go online but enjoys the newsletter, please think about printing it out and posting it through their letter box while observing safety and social distancing precautions.


The group of close to 40 volunteers that BVM and the Parish Council established has been busy over recent weeks helping those self-isolating in the Parish and beyond. The informal group is registered with the County Council and has been referred those needing help in the wider area. If you require shopping, prescriptions collecting or simply to have a chat on the phone – or know of someone who might need this kind of help – please contact Charlotte Mackaness (07808 725124) or the Parish Clerk, Jayne Bunting, on 882527. Northamptonshire County Council has published some coronavirus information leaflets. These are available in the old phone box.


In advance of a planning application to Daventry District Council for a new school at Buckton Fields to, feedback and comments from parishioners are welcome at this stage to BucktonFieldsPrimary@eu.ill.com For more information visit https://bucktonschool.org.uk


The old phone box is not only still operating as a book exchange but as a collection point for the Foodbank. The Foodbank service provides individuals and families in crisis with basic food and other essential items for a short time. With the current high levels of demand, the Foodbank is experiencing severe shortages. Please place dry goods (such as cans, jars, packet goods and cartons of UHT milk and fruit juice) in the labelled red bucket in the phone box. This will be emptied daily. It is recommended that you wear gloves to do so or sanitise/wash your hands immediately before and afterwards.


The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 15th June at 6.30pm. This meeting will not be in the village hall for obvious reasons but will be held online. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Please email clerk@boughton.org.uk for an agenda, meeting ID and password.


Such is the success of the book exchange and newspaper delivery drop off in the old telephone box that a bigger table is needed to hold the increasing numbers of papers that are delivered there every day. If anybody in the village can donate (or indeed make!) a table of dimensions no bigger than 26” by 21” and no taller than 2ft, please call Tony Boullemier on 842357.


While Boughon Pocket Park remains open, residents are reminded to observe social distancing rules and that the play equipment is strictly out of bounds. The Village Hall remains closed.


Boughton Primary School is still open for the children of key workers. In the meantime, staff recorded a heart-warming video (which can be seen on YouTube via the BVM Facebook page) for their pupils at home.


Planned national celebrations to mark the anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May have gone the way of all mass events, thanks to coronavirus. However, many communities are still planning on putting up bunting outside their homes, flags in their windows and coming out to their doorsteps to raise a glass with their neighbours at 3pm. An idea for Boughton?


Sadly, there is a small proportion of people trying to exploit the difficult times we are living through. If in any doubt or to report a fraud or scam you can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.



200g vegan butter
200ml golden syrup
150g soft light brown sugar
250g rolled oats
75g desiccated coconut
100g pumpkin or mixed seeds
200g chopped apricots

Pre-heat the oven to 180. Line a shallow flapjack-shaped tin with greaseproof paper. Heat the butter, golden syrup and sugar over a low heat in a saucepan. Stir continuously until the sugar has melted. Remove from the heat. Add the oats, coconut and mixed seeds to the melted sugar mixture. Press into the lined tin. Bake for 25 minutes. Once golden brown, but still slightly soft, leave to cool for 15 minutes before cutting into bars.

BARKING MAD: observations of a spaniel

Do you remember me telling you last month about ‘the mouse in the house – that wasn’t’?

Well there’s been more shouting and carrying on in our house over something that really did come in. It started in the middle of the night. I was dreaming about chasing pigeons out of my garden when my dad Tony woke me up. He came running downstairs and turned off that alarm thingy that makes a big noise and makes him cross when he accidentally opens a door first thing in the morning. Then I heard him shouting and using words I’ve never heard before. “There’s a ****ing blackbird flying round the lounge,” he said. “It’s come down the chimney.”
“Let it out,” yelled my mum Marie.

“What a good idea,” he said in a rather nasty tone.

Then I heard him use a word I do know. ”It’s pooed everywhere,” he yelled.

They both came into my back room for buckets of hot soapy water, sponges and scrubbing brushes. “Look, there are twigs in the grate,” said my dad. “There could be a nest. It must have pushed the cowl off the ****ing chimney.” They then had a heated discussion about something called ‘the virus’ and whether this was a big enough emergency to call in a sweep to fix everything. My mum said someone called Boris wouldn’t like it. And neither did she. I didn’t hear any more until Monday morning. I had a very nice walk round the fields past the Pocket Park and was ready for a snooze in the conservatory when my dad Tony announced: “The sweep’s here. In your bed, Heidi.” He locked me in my crate and I heard lots of to-ing and fro-ing but not from mum Marie. She said she was staying out of the way upstairs – isolated from the ‘virus’ thing. Eventually the front door slammed and she shouted down: “Is the coast clear?”

“Yes,” said my dad. “He’s swept the chimney and replaced the cowl.” Then he let me out of my crate and I carried out a full investigation of the lounge where I detected the smell of a bird I don’t often get to chase. My dad Tony was complaining: “That little episode has just cost me £190.”  I think he had a lucky escape – it could have been a big fat pigeon. And they really can poo.


Dan from Overpower usually runs classes in Boughton Village Hall. Here are his top five tips to help stay healthy during lockdown!

  • Daily Walk (NEAT) this stands for ‘non exercise activity thermogenesis” and is all the exercise you do that is not structured: walking up and down stairs at home, hoovering etc. Along with a daily walk, try to keep moving as much as possible to increase your daily NEAT.
  • Hydration fill a bottle in the morning so you can track how much water you are drinking. Aim for two to three litres. Not only will this help you feel good and hydrated it can also help avoid unnecessary snacking

            Exercise a shortage of equipment shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. Try a daily walk or run o      join us for some live sessions. Contact details below.

  • Sleep a good night’s rest will help support you mentally and physically. Going to bed at a reasonable time will help you feel more energised, positive and less likely to hit the treat cupboard. Aim to get at least seven to nine hours. A little routine before bed always goes a long way so try to avoid looking at your phone, laptop or TV an hour before bed. Instead, opt for a book or another activity that helps relax you.
  • Routine set a daily routine to help keep some structure and normality. Set some staples in your day that are non-negotiable, such as wake-up time, working hours, exercise time and bedtime.

Combining these habits will help over the next few weeks. Don’t feel you have to adopt them all at once – starting one a week is a great step. If you are interested in Live Home Workouts, please contact me at overpowernorthampton@gmail.com