Sadly, because of the current national lockdown and high rates of Corona infection we’ve had to put the newsletter back online only for the time being. Thank you for bearing with us. We appreciate that some residents do not go online much and prefer a printed newsletter. Please consider printing and safely posting a copy of BVM through the door of any neighbours you think might not be able to access the newsletter online!


The group of close to 40 volunteers that BVM and the Parish Council established has been busy over recent weeks helping those self-isolating in the Parish and beyond. The informal group is registered with the County, District and local Borough Councisl and has been referred those needing help in the wider area. If you require shopping, prescriptions collecting or simply to have a chat on the phone – or know of someone who might need this kind of help – please contact Charlotte Mackaness (07808 725124) or the Parish Clerk, Jayne Bunting, on 882527.


In order for Anglian Water to install a new water connection in Hunfrey Lane, the road will be closed for up to three days starting on 23rd February.


Please do not leave large numbers of books in the old telephone box book exchange. Some huge “donations” have been left recently – sufficient to restock the shelves several times over. If you have a significant number of books that you wish to get rid of, please store them until charity shops are open again. There is a fabulous selection of books that villagers are warmly encouraged to swap or take but please don’t offload the responsibility of dealing with large quantities of books onto volunteers.


Action Fraud has warned of several scams sending and emails or texts notifying people they have been selected for a Coronavirus vaccine and then asking for bank details. The NHS would never ask for bank details so be wary of anything making such demands.


A huge thank you to all those who continue to contribute to the foodbank collection point in the old red telephone box. Demand for foodbank services has never been higher. As well as tinned, canned and dried food, toiletries, nappies and cleaning products, including washing powder and washing-up liquid, are also required but please no fresh food to be left.


Although the railway is currently closed as normal for the winter, Covid restrictions have made it uncertain when it might reopen in the Spring. It is hoped this might be Easter weekend. Work continues towards finishing the southern extension, all in accordance with the rules. If anyone has a New Year’s resolution to help a good cause, learn a new skill and meet new people, why not join the team of volunteers? There are roles to suit those of all interests, skills and capabilities. For more information, visit


In order to improve journey times for bus users, the County Council is clamping down on those using bus lanes illegally. APNR cameras will assist with this.


BVM’s supply of recipes is very, very low. We’d be very grateful to hear from the those lockdown bakers and village foodies willing to share short, simple recipes!



  • 100g spinach
  • 125g wholemeal or any self-raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 200ml eggs
  • Any filling you fancy! Cheese? Chorizo? Bacon? Mushroom?
  • Oil for frying


Wash the spinach and drain. Chop it in a blender. Place all the other ingredients into the blender and whizz until well mixed. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add half a cup of the mixture. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side on a medium heat until just browning. Keep warm in oven until ready to serve.

BARKING MAD: observations of a spaniel

Don’t our owners get some funny ideas in their heads about what we dogs ought to do?
Take my dad Tony. He keeps taking me round the side door of the Whyte Melville to meet the pub cat.
The cat’s a ginger job whose name is apparently Louis. He seems to spend most of his time there, resting on the top floor of his smart little house or sunning himself against the wall when the weather’s nice. And there’s always some food and drink left in his bowls.
Well my dad obviously thinks we ought to get acquainted and every day he leads me right up to Louis and waits for something to happen.
So I wander up to within a Spaniel’s length of him. And stop. I don’t go any closer because he’s clearly a very brave cat and he simply stares at me. It’s very unnerving.
I only got closer once and he raised his paw in what I can only describe as a threatening manner so I jumped back.
I heard his dad Jeremy telling my dad the two of us could never be friends because it just wasn’t in our natures. And he’s probably right.
The only reason I don’t mind turning into the pub yard when we’re coming back up Church Street is the possibility of scrounging some of his milk and food.
And that proves how different we are. No Spaniel would ever leave anything in its bowl.
But my dad always pulls me away from Louis’ food before I can tuck into it.
So every day we have this routine where me and Louis look at each other from a Spaniel’s length away.
Whether we ever get to touch noses will be entirely up to Louis.
It’s definitely his move. And I hope it’s a friendly one. Heidi


25 January 2021

I have included today’s date because things are so fast moving at the moment, and everything may look very different when you read it.

The Parish Church has been closed for three Sundays now because of the very high levels of infection with Coronavirus in this part of the County. Although the government has permitted Covid-secured church services to continue, we do not wish to take any risks whatsoever with the health of those who worship there, and we will reopen for public worship only when it is clearly safe to do so.

Online services are a poor second-best to meeting together in church, but they do offer a way of at least seeing one another and being able to talk safely after the service. We are not able to provide refreshments after church during the pandemic, but it is definitely safe to reach for a cup of coffee at home after an online service!

After six months of experience of online worship, I have decided to use Zoom as the platform for online services, which provides a friendlier experience than Facebook or YouTube, where it is only possible to watch on one’s own. It is a free service for those who join a Zoom meeting, either on a computer, or a tablet or iPad, or on a smartphone. When you follow a link to the service, Zoom will work either on a web browser or as a download.

It sounds very complicated, even daunting if you have not used this kind of facility before, but it is actually remarkably easy to use. I am very happy to assist anyone who needs help in making it work. If you have a computer or laptop without a web camera you can actually use a smartphone as the camera for this purpose.

If you would like to join our online services – all are most welcome – please email me at and I will send you a Zoom invitation each week which will enable you to connect to our services at 8am (Holy Communion) and 11am (Morning Prayer). I am hoping to add more services in the near future, including a bible study. Watch this space!

Please let me know in the same way if you would like to receive the weekly Sunday Readings, including a sermon and links to hymns on YouTube.

Meanwhile we are keeping everyone in our prayers who is affected by Covid, those who suffering from illness and those who have sadly passed away. I hope that the current speed of the vaccination programme will mean that it is safe to return to a normal way of life as soon as possible, including church services. Easter is on 4 April this year, and perhaps we will be able to return to Church by then.

Every blessing,


Rev. Stephen Trott
Rector of Boughton