Last month Northampton Borough Council’s (NBC) planning committee voted unanimously to object to the latest Buckton Fields planning application. Although Daventry will decide the application, the Borough council is a statutory consultee. The planning committee cited
three areas of concern: air pollution; insufficient highway infrastructure to mitigate the impact of the development; and insufficient information about the park-and-ride proposals. It is expected that Daventry will hear the application in the New Year. Boughton Parish Council’s response to the application is on the village website and BVM Facebook page.


On 13th December there is a -school trip to the pantomime. Coaches will arrive at school at 12pm and return late afternoon. Parents are requested not to collect before 4.45pm in order to give coaches time to depart. Friday 15 th December is the Christmas Fair from 2pm until
4.30pm – all welcome. The Christmas performances are 18th and 19th December at 2pm and 6.30pm. The school has asked parents to volunteer as traffic marshals and would welcome support from any willing villagers. Please email


The Parish Council has given permission for the old phone box to be used as drop-off point for newspapers. To order yours from the Whitehills’ newsagent, please call Raj Patel on 843365 as soon as possible.


If you’re interested in spreading some Christmas cheer door to door, please meet on Thursday 21 st December at 5pm outside the Church Rooms. Please bring warm clothes, good heart and a torch. Children are very welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.
For more information or to volunteer your services, contact Charlotte Mackaness ( ) or Mary James ( ).


Eagle-eyed Boughtonians may have noticed the bench on the village green. This has been placed in memory of Harry and Sylvia Lovell, who many villagers will remember fondly. Church Street now boasts a beautiful new notice-board. One side will remain unlocked so local people can place their own notices.


Please could dog owners NOT take dogs into the Churchyard on Church Street. It is not a suitable place to exercise pets.​


Malcolm Darlington, who lived in Boughton for 42 years, passed away in November after being diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier in the year. He was 76 and had been married to his wife Diana for 53 years. Malcolm was an ex-professional footballer who played for Manchester City in his youth. Later, he was manager of the Woolwich Building Society in the Market Square. He loved living in Boughton. Every year he continued a tradition of “first footing”: walking around the village at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This was something he’ brought from his home county of Cheshire, and a tradition his family intends to keep up.


“ The Pocket Park bonfire was a great success with close to 2,000 visitors enjoying the fireworks,” writes Karen Fletcher. “Thanks go to our volunteer catering team, Smiths Farm Shop and Sauls for keeping everyone fed. Huge thanks to all our volunteers and to our parking marshals, Euro Food Brands, the school and the Mackaness family for giving up their time and land to help park hundreds of cars safely off road. Money raised will go towards sport equipment, picnic equipment and planted areas.”


Daventry District Council (DDC) is undertaking a review of the Boughton Conservation Area. It will assess whether the current boundary is fit for purpose and produce and up-to- date appraisal and management plan. There will be an exhibition to explain the implications
in the Village Hall on 17 th January 2018 from 2.30pm until 7pm. Information about the review can be found via


The original parish church was abandoned in the 17 th century when the family chapel of Lord Vaux of Boughton Hall (now our parish church) began to be used in preference because of its convenient location. The original church began to decay, and the spire collapsed in the 1780s. What remains has not been changed for hundreds of years so is of great interest to Historic England, which is currently engaged in a major project to help preserve the ruins. It is providing a grand of £95,000, with a contribution of £5,000 from the Richard Humfrey charity.



  • 6-7 thin slices of white bread
  • 50g butter
  • 100g sultanas
  • 250ml double cream
  • 250ml full-cream milk
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 25g icing sugar
  • 25g apricot jam, warmed
  • Clotted cream to serve


Pre-heat the oven to 190C. Remove crusts from bread and spread each slice generously with the butter. Cut slices into four triangles. Put a layer of bread in the base of a buttered 1.5-litre shallow, ovenproof dish. Sprinkle over the sultanas and then arrange the rest of the bread on top. Mix the cream, milk, eggs and sugar together and pass through a sieve. Slit open the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds and whisk them into the custard mixture. Pour this over the bread and allow to soak in for five minutes. Place the dish in a roasting tin and fill with water to half-way up the sides of the dish. Bake for 30 minutes, until the top is golden. Remove dish from roasting tin and leave to cool. Meanwhile, heat the grill. Dust the pudding with icing sugar glaze under the grill until golden. Brush the top with the warmed, sieved apricot jam and serve with clotted cream.


Whilst trying to make my garden attractive to wildlife, I’m currently engaged with a battle of wits with a party of at least four to five grey squirrels, which seem more numerous this year than usual. They  enjoy using my bird feeders! Not only do they quickly eat the nuts, fat balls and seeds planned for the birds but they destroy the feeders with their strong teeth and claws. Squirrels are very ingenious, resourceful and athletic animals, and will go to great lengths climbing trees, walls and  trellises to descend or leap onto hanging feeders and tables. It may be amusing to watch but giving  nature a home has its limits. What can you do? Well, I found using the round plastic lids off medium-sized tubs and sections of smooth aluminium tubes threaded on wire above tables and feeders can be successful. However, if near enough to a tree or structure that squirrels will climb, they can leap across and cling to them so siting is crucial. You can buy or make simple vertical poles with arms atop to hang feeders, which squirrels appear to find difficult to climb. For those using ground feeders, which are intended for smaller birds like goldfinches, chaffinches, robins, dunnocks and the tit family, then wood pigeons, crows and magpies can become a nuisance. I’ve read that you can use upturned metal hanging baskets over trays to deter bigger birds – and  perhaps squirrels too? There are also various types of hanging feeders commercially available, some of which I’ve tried. However, not all are squirrel or weather proof and can clog up, so be warned. In trying to protect our ground-growing fruit, such as strawberries, we often use fine plastic netting but please be cautious and vigilant because grass snakes and some birds, such as thrushes and blackbirds, can get entangled and strangled or starve to death.


  • 2nd December: City Chamber Choir Concert 7.30pm in Boughton Church.
  • 11th December: Boughton Ladies Fellowship Annual Christmas Dinner, Royal Oak, Walgrave. Contact Sue Greatorex (842332).
  • 15th December: Boughton School Christmas Fair 2pm-4.30pm. All welcome.
  • 21st December: Christmas Carols. Meet at 5pm at Church Rooms to join in.
  • 15th January: Parish Council Meeting 7pm in the Village Hall.
  • 3rd Monday: Ladies Fellowship, Church Rooms – contact Sue Greatorex 842332
  • 6th Monday: Chiropody service in Village Hall for residents only – contact 01536 771393
  • Every Monday: Pilates 12- 1pm Village Hall – contact Maree Jessen 07867853515
  • Every Tuesday: Pilates 6.30 – 7.30 pm Village Hall – contact Maree Jessen
  • Last Tuesday of month: Spencer Club – Mrs Cumbleton/Mrs Sallie 843652/843314


  • Meetings
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Children’s Parties
  • Dances
  • Fundraisers

Contact Sandra Lee (01604) 843491

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Helen Coghill: Pegasus House (01604) 841953

Charlotte Mackaness: Wickets Cottage (01604) 842311