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14 th April 2016

Northamptonshire Council
Riverside House
Riverside Way

By Post & Email

Dear All,

Re: Northampton Northern Orbital Route Consultation

Thank you for agreeing a short extension of time for Boughton Parish Council to discuss the above
consultation at their full council meeting on Monday 11 th April 2016 and for Councillors to respond
to the comments and concerns of local parishioners at our Annual Parish Meeting.

The Parish Council have requested that I write to you with the following response to the above

a) Councillors noted that this is a very challenging road scheme and the consultation has not
provided sufficient information on the impact of the four options to enable Councillors to
make an informed decision as to the right solution.

b) One of the points raised was the need for this road at all and indeed this was one of the
points expres sed by the Joint Planning Unit at the West Northamptonshire Joint Core
Strategy (Local Plan Part 1) Independent Examination Hearings.

c) The village of Boughton has a long history and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086.
It is rich in archaeological remains including Roman and Saxon sites. There are also two
barrow s one , west of Boughton village and Boughton Park at Bunkers Hill, which is located
close to Option 2 and the other at Boughton Grange.

d) It was noted , with concern that the significant options all go through Boughton Park.
Boughton Park lies between the village of Boughton and the A508. It has a notable
collection of 18th and 19th century gothic follies and is Grade II listed by English Heritage in
their Register of Parks and Gardens.

e) Boughton Park, as well as being a unique Georgian Eighteenth Century Historic Garden is
also prized by The Garden History Society and also by The International Council of
Monuments and Sites as a t ruly significant collection of Follies. The follies are the largest
collection of such structures in Northamptonshire and are recognised as being of national

f) Additionally, Boughton Park lies within a Conservation area and concern was expressed that
there is no reference to the Conservation Area or to the TPO designations within the Park
anywhere in the consultation documentation . Any route through Boughton Park would be
environmentally damaging, destroying the precious parkland and its natural habitats.

g) Councillors expressed concern that all four options include a link to Moulton Park which
passes close to Spectacle Lane, Holly Lodge and The Spectacle. These are both Grade II
listed buildings associated with the historic parkland of Boughton Park. This spur route
would have a negative impact on and would blight the landscape of the Park.

h) All four options would lead to the loss of important and historic open countryside and
councillors agreed that it was imperative to preserve the unique heritage of the area. As a
consequence, Councillors agreed that none of the routes put forward are acceptable and
would propose that a suggested and preferred route would be through the floor of the
quarry at Pitsford.

The Parish Council understand that a second consultation will take place in September and look
forward to hearing from you again in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne Bunting

Clerk to the Council & RFO