A fully automated defibrillator has been installed in a secure cabinet, on the outside of the Village Hall in Butchers Lane, Boughton and is for use by any person needing it. It is registered and recorded on the East Midlands Ambulance Service’s computer, and access to the defibrillator is by a code given to the originator of a ‘999 emergency’ call, together with the defibrillator’s location. The defibrillator is fully automatic, offering self-initiated guidance to the operator, and available ONLY under the East Midlands Ambulance Services’ direct control.

On receipt of a 999 call, the operator will, where possible, direct the operation and maintain contact with the caller throughout the emergency pending the arrival of a Paramedic or Ambulance. The design of the device is such that untrained persons can use it, as it prompts the rescuer through each step, monitors the condition of the patient’s heart and decides whether or not to ‘shock’ the patient.

Boughton Parish Council will have on-going responsibility for maintenance of the Defibrillator and any issues can be reported to the Clerk who will be responsible for the routine inspection of the equipment and the reporting of its condition.

Local residents have recently undertaken a short training course, to teach them how to recognise symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and how to deal with a situation involving it. Their contact details are below. The course was run by Meditrain on behalf of SADS UK.

Attendance on the course does NOT imply, however, any responsibility for the use of the defibrillator. It is simply to enable members of the public in Boughton to be aware of the steps for the handling and initial treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims, such that if faced with a situation, they have some background to help them maximise the chances of the victim’s survival.

Contact Phone Number
Steve Potter 07860 534706
Rosie McDonnell 07748 186300
Richard Barron 07711 405060
David Whalley 01604 842677
Lesley Whalley 01604 842677
Charlotte Mackaness 07808 725124 / 01604 842311
Dr Helen Coghill 07976 765277
Tony Boullemier 07836 517725