Dear Sir/Madam

In response to requests across our district for information about local/neighbourhood policing, please find attached a couple of documents below this statement in response to feedback last year that this kind of communication is well-received and regarded. One document is my overview of policing in Daventry and the other one is a snapshot of the variety of issues your neighbourhood officers dealt with in the year April 2017 – April 2018, with a focus on the town beats and then the rural beats.

Please feel free to share with those who you represent or with whom you have contact.

I hope that this particularly assists parish councils and police liaison representatives as we are at the time of year when such information is sought. My intention is that having sent you this, we can then respond by attending parish council meetings throughout the year to answer any questions or issues raised.

I hope you find the contents informative and useful.

Yours sincerely



District Neighbourhood Sergeant

Daventry District


pdf-icon Annual Review 2018 Letter
pdf-icon Annual Review 2018 Highlights Lowlights