Boughton Village

Boughton is a village and civil parish in the Daventry District of Northamptonshire. The village has a long history and it is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

The village is a thriving community and is well-provided with facilities including a Church, Village Hall, Pubs, Pocket Parks and Primary School which is situated in Moulton Lane.

Boughton sits on the relatively high ground of the Upper Valleys which form part of the strata running from the Cotswolds to Lincolnshire and is built on rocks which are mainly clay or clayey limestone.

On the western edge of Boughton Parish lies a Special Landscape Area and there are also a number of County Wildlife Sites. These include Obelisk Spinney, Grotto Spinney, Brickhill Spinney and Nursery Wood.


Boughton History

Boughton Park contains the largest collection of 18th and 19th century follies in Northamptonshire and is recognised to be of national importance. It has been given special recognition and is included in the National Register of Parks and Gardens compiled by English Heritage.

The grotto in Grotto Spinney is a man-made cave-like structure, hewn from limestone and is built on what is thought to be a pagan site. The Obelisk near Obelisk Rise is a listed building which was erected by Lord Strafford of Boughton Manor in 1764 in memory of His Grace William Cavendish the 4th Duke of Devonshire.


The infamous highwayman “Captain Slash” was detained whilst attempting a robbery at Boughton Fayre which was situated on Boughton Green, now a large agricultural triangle on Moulton Lane. He was subsequently tried and hanged in Northampton before a large crowd of onlookers on the 21st July 1826.

To the north of Boughton Green are the surviving fragments of St John’s Church which has been in ruins since at least 1757 and was significantly damaged further in 1786 when the spire collapsed. A Holy Well, known as St John’s Spring is well documented and lies behind the Altar. The current church is in the centre of the village and is believed to date from c.1350.

Boughton is intersected by several public footpaths and rights of way and by permitted footpaths which are made available to walkers by courtesy of the land owners. A Parish Path Warden appointed by the Parish Council identifies and reports any problems. All footpaths are clearly finger posted and way-marked.

Gallery of Boughton Village

Photos by Dennis Tyrrell – Boughton Resident since 1987.

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