Welcome to Boughton Village

Boughton is a thriving village community situated three miles north of Northampton with an estimated population of 1,460.  The village is mainly residential and surrounded by agricultural land with extensive open views.  A dominant architectural feature of the village is the large number of houses constructed of yellow Northamptonshire sand/ironstone, quarried locally.  The centres of community activity include the Primary School, Church of St John the Baptist, the Village Hall, Whyte Melville Public House, Boughton and Obelisk Spinney Pocket Parks and the Cricket Club.

The name Boughton comes from Bucca or “he-goat” farm.  The earliest reference to the manor of Boughton was in the early 11th century although the settlement is known to pre-date this.  The present  Boughton Hall was constructed in 1844 on the footprint of the original manor.  The present church was built on the site of a 14th Century Chantry and the ruined Church of St John the Baptist lies on the east side of Boughton Green.  Boughton Green Fair, reputed to be the biggest in the county was held here from 1351 until 1916.

The Parish is rich in archaeological remains, containing both Roman and Saxon sites and there are also two barrows, one at Bunkers Hill, the other at Boughton Grange.  The site of an old Motte and Bailey lies within Boughton Pocket Park.

Boughton Parish Council

Boughton Parish Council is made up of nine Councillors who are elected every four years.  The next Parish Council election will be held in May 2021.  As the first tier of government, it is the Council’s role to represent the interests of the residents of Boughton Parish.  The Parish Council’s work can be divided into two areas: statutory duties and community functions.  The statutory work involves liaising with partner authorities such as Northamptonshire County Council, Northampton Borough Council and Daventry District Council, consulting on such things as planning applications and development.

The community functions include addressing local issues and undertaking projects to improve the local community.  We also work closely with community groups, voluntary organisations and government agencies.  The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month (excluding August) at 6.30 p.m. in Boughton Village Hall.  Members of the public are always welcome to attend the meetings and are given the opportunity to address the Council to express opinions or ask questions.

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